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We Provide Best Services

We Provide Best Services

In addition to your homes, we are here to cater to your work places as well. Working spaces are second home. Rahobefikar offers services viz; floor cleaning, cabinet cleaning, pest control, window cleaning, a.c. services for office spaces.

Further, we are here to provide the above mentioned services for resautrants, hotels and other places of hospitality. Commercial places unlike homes require constant pest control. The wooden floorings, cabinets, tables and other furniture require constant maintenance as these are higly prone to attack by the pests. Office spaces and hotels have numerous corners that remain unvisited. Rahobefikar steps in this situation and ensure that the property remains free from the pests.

Other significant service by Rahobefikar includes deep cleaning of water tanks. We also have skilled people that are at your service for car cleaning as well

Commercial Service

We at Rahobefikar understand the sanctity of ones workplace. To maintain this sanctity we ensure that cleanliness of the place is maintained. Clean work environment brings positivity and optimism. Our services are also available to places of hospitality. In order to make your clients comfortable, we offer a range of services.

Rahobefikar is here to cater to office spaces, shops, restaurants, and hotels of Delhi, Gurugram, Greater Noida, Noida, Faridabad, Indirapuram, and Ghaziabad.

Commercial spaces are spread across large areas. This large premises have a number of corners and unattended places that are highly prone to pests. Furniture, cabinets and kitchen of these spaces should be checked frequently. To avail this service you can appoint our well trained and highly skilled team that deal with Pest Control. These experts always ensure that they use chemicals that is both safe for humans and environment friendly.

Office spaces

Office spaces can be difficult to manage on a daily basis. Regular interaction of the offices with numerous people bring in ample amount of unwanted dust and filth. Our trusted and verified workforce ensures that cleanliness at your work place is maintained.

Cleaning services offered by us include floor cleaning, floor polishing, dry cleaning of sofas, carpet cleaning, window cleaning, cabinet cleaning , chair cleaning, and bathroom cleaning.

In addition to cleaning services, we have professionals that deal in servicing of Air Conditioners. Our team is here to cater to both repairing and cleaning services for your A.C. Frequent and right maintenance is essential for the longevity and proper functioning of this quintessential electronic item. A.Cs require frequent servicing and finding a trusted technician can prove to be worrisome. Expert technicians are at your disposal just a few clicks away.


Restaurants are the most frequently flocked places in todays’ time. The ambience of the restaurant is one of the primary point of attraction. We understand your need for keeping the place, furniture and washrooms clean. In order to enhance the ambience, Rahobefikar is at your service with best possible services.

To boost your quality of hosting, you can always contact us. Our services include floor cleaning, floor polishing, dry cleaning of sofas, carpet cleaning, window cleaning, cabinet cleaning , chair cleaning, and bathroom cleaning.

A.C.s are a very important part of your hospitality units. The temperature always need to be regulated and safety issues are also attached to ACs. It is here that we step in. To deal with all these issues, we provide you with a team of expert technicians. These technicians have wholesome knowledge and immense skills to provide top notch AC service.


If you are dissatisfied with the housekeeping staff or the sustenance of the staff is going beyond budget, then Rahbefikar is your one stop solution. The staff generally lacks skill and professionalism. Unlike them we offer you with a range of experts in fields of cleaning , a.c servicing, and maintenance of water tanks. Skill and efficiency of our team is more productive than your conventional housekeeping staff.

Our cleaning services include the ones we offer to other commercial spaces like office and restaurants. Mattress cleaning; curtain cleaning; cleaning of windows, blinds, ducts are the additional services that you can avail at Rahobefikar. To add to this we have experts that will take care of your water tanks as well. Car cleaning service is also offered by us at Rahobefikar.

Domestic Service

Home is where peace is, and peace thrives in clean surroundings. Home is everyones’ heavenly abode. To enhance your comfort and reduce your efforts, Rahobefikar is here to help you out. We have team of skilled cleaners and well trained technicians that are available at your services just a few clicks away.

Rahobefikar caters to customers in need in Delhi, Gurugram, Greater Noida, Noida, Faridabad, Indirapuram, and Ghaziabad. Maintaining a home is a very rigorous task. It is a daily task but due to your busy schedule, you often overlook various corners and pieces of furniture in hurry. To help you out, we are here to serve your cleaning requirements. You can opt for deep cleaning of the entire house or a few parts of your house as per your need, budget and time.

Our skilled professional will help you out by providing an array of services that include Dusting and Detailing, Vacuuming, Window and Glass Cleaning, Bathroom Cleaning, Kitchen cleaning, Floor enhancement, Upholstery cleaning, Furniture cleaning. Furniture cleaning includes dry cleaning of sofas, chair cleaning, cabinet cleaning and other customized service on the request of the customer.

Hygiene is the main outcome of cleanliness and sometimes rodents and termites find their way through wet walls and wooden furniture and kitchen cabinets. At home pests mostly attack the kitchens. To do away with future problems you can convert your kitchen into pest free zone by opting for Pest Control service provided by Rahobefikar. Our esteemed workforce use safe and non toxic chemicals to keep your kitchen termite and rodent free. You can also opt for Pest Control process for the entire home, as per your requirement.

Even for your A.C. services, Rahobefikar is a one stop solution. Our services range from repair to cleaning of your air conditioning devices.

The water quality in Delhi NCR is highly polluted. This often makes the water tank at your home unhygienic and unsafe if water tank is not cleaned on a regular basis. To deal with this issue, Rahobefikar has a team of skilled professionals that can deal with the problem efficiently. Our workforce uses best quality chemicals and scientific techniques to clean the water tanks. We at Rahobefikar ensure that we provide every household with a professional solution but with a personal touch. Our trained, trusted and well qualified technicians and cleaners make sure that the customer feels at heaven when at home.