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chair cleaning services in Delhi/ncr

Chair Cleaning has quite a number of methods because there are various types of chairs, for instance, mesh chairs, fabric chairs, etc. RahoBefikar offers all types of chair cleaning services. Cleaning a chair may sound easy, and one may think of doing it oneself, but it is important to realize that it includes many steps like rinsing, dry cleaning, etc. RahoBefikar very satisfactorily provides chair dry cleaning and other services.

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How Do We Clean An Upholstered Chair:

Upholstered Chairs are a trending fashion, and everyone tends to get it for themselves, but it is equally hard to maintain it because it catches dirt quite quickly but remains difficult to be removed. The process followed by RahoBefikar goes as follows:

What is special about RahoBefikar?

  • Firstly, before wetting the chair with the help of a microfiber cloth, the larger debris particle should be removed manually. After the boiled or stained surface has been wet, it gets treated with hydrogen peroxide generously and is left for 10 minutes. RahoBefikar goes for a spot check for safety measures, because though normally it doesn’t, but the cleaning solution can always react.
  • Next comes the steam cleaner, which is to be run in a grid format on the applied surface. This is used alongside a scrub brush or microfiber pad for scrubbing the stained and soiled parts, and then the chair is left to dry. RahoBefikar further provides for a stain guard treatment to avoid such issues in the near future.

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How Do We Clean A Mesh Office Chair:

  • Office chairs can be made out of a number of materials, but normally they are made out of mesh. RahoBefikar offers the most attractive and foolproof office chair cleaning services. The procedure is as follows:
  • Prior to moistening the mesh with a soapy cloth, it is necessary to vacuum the loose dust (an additional hose will help to remove the residue from crevices). After the dirt is gathered with the help of soap from every possible corner, let it dry naturally or with a dry cloth. One of the main things here is scrubbing is strictly prohibited. RahoBefikar adds to apply the chairs with odor eliminators keeping in mind the importance of the atmosphere.
  • RahoBefikar addresses every minor problem to avoid any sort of dissatisfaction from their clients. Chairs are made of many materials which need more or less different treatments; RahoBefikar provides a wide range of services and offers convincing results.