10 fun-loving things to do at home during your Quarantine

People Under Home Quarantine

This lockdown period or pandemic has given a lot of time to spend at home with family, and staying at home 24 hours is a real pain. The time which we never expected to happen in this life. However, to keep yourself always productive and happy during these circumstances is very important. So, doing something which you haven’t done before such as painting, sketching, playing indoor games, learning new languages, or any skill or spending some quality time with kids will be great fun. 

However, here is my bucket list of things to do at home in Quarantine

Read books—if you are passionate about books, but you don’t have time before to read, then it is the time to indulge yourself in this great activity at home. Concentrating completing in the book for hours, going through character, and storyline without distractions is the surreal feeling to experience.

Maintain journal or blog

Penning down thoughts, activities, and learnings is always a good idea, which is also a productive job. You can go through the memory lanes of your life and write down the events which make you happy, sad, emotional, or thunderous. Spend only 15 minutes daily, you will feel the change.

Watch documentary 

Many people who are at home quarantine are like to watch TV series, movies, documentaries and Netflix for me time. However, go for a binge-watching program and have fun. 

Learn a new skill

If you want to enhance your skill in this quarantine for official use (phot shop, billing, etc.) or want to enroll yourself for anonline course such as—keyboard, flute, etc. paying, then this is the time. Join online course and practice at home 

Set up workout routine

If you were planning for a gym or workout routine to maintain your physic for so long, but you don’t have time then, but now you have enough time. Set up your workout routine by downloading an app or videos.


During this pandemic, people are suffering a lot—physically and mentally. And, to reduce this pain, you should do meditation at home. It will help you keep your mind relaxed. 

Do a daily puzzle game

If you like to solve puzzle games, then you may definitely like to play a puzzle game with your kids. It improves memory, IQ, and better problem-solving skills. 

Keep in touch with family and colleagues 

If you are missing meetings with family, friends, and colleagues, then spend hours talking with them through voice or video call. Share what you prepared for breakfast, lunch, and dinner or may have a virtual drink with them.  

Learn gardening 

Gardening is one of the most beautiful skill to learn while staying at home in this pandemic. Learn about plants, vegetables and fruits, and their goodness, and how-to moist soil and make it fertile.  

Get artistic 

If you want to get artistic, then using hands in DIY projects, arts, crafts are the best things to do. Draw or doodle something, paint a canvas, sketch, knit, make candles, and jewelry, etc.

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