Most common indoor mistakes while planting houseplants

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Taking care of indoor plants is not easy as you have thought or as it may seem because indoor plants are absolutely different from outdoor plants. So many indoor plants die because of neglect and improper care. However, the key to maintaining healthy indoor or décor plants lies in the right maintenance regime. 

Here are some the mistakes to avoid

Most people who desire to have an indoor plant, end at becoming a bad plant parent, because they make the most common mistakes while taking care. 


Overwatering plants is one of the most common mistakes, which people do while taking care of their indoor plants. It is an irony that most of the plants do not survive because of neglect or overdose of care or overwatering. Indoor plant species are different and then don’t need too much water. Some of the plant species are— vines, cacti, ferns, etc.

These plants have different watering needs. 

Not playing attentions to the soil 

Indoor plants should be potted in soil that is mixed. The indoor plant soil is different and it has better drainage capacity. If in case, the indoor plant is planted in other types of soil, then they don’t survive, because of drainage. Standing in the water for too long also harms the plant. So, make sure, you use indoor soil and a good container with drain holes. 


Planting too many plants in the same pot slows down the growth of plants, just like we humans. Plants also need space to grow and flourish. So, you are advised, not to put all your plants on the same plant rack or pot. Separate them and give them enough space to breathe and see them flourishing so quickly.

Over caring or neglecting 

As we have already told you that indoor plants are different from outdoor plants in so many ways. Indoor plants need completely different caring regimes than outdoor plants. Indoor plants belong completely separate natural habitat. For instance, your outdoor plants need plenty of sunlight, air, and water, and houseplants need to lessen, amount of water, sunlight, and air. 

Each indoor plant is different 

You know how an indoor plant is different from outdoor plants. That is why you also need to understand that every indoor plant is different from others. They need the different approaches of nurturing, caretaking regime—factors like—fertilizer, soil, water, air, sunlight, etc. So, study indoor plants by giving them enough time.

That’s it—now you know what not to do with the indoor plants. Avoid these mistakes and watch your plants growing happily. 

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